Honey Comb Pentagon Rg w/tourmaline


Honey Comb Pentagon Rg w/tourmaline


Honey Comb Series

This series is so named as it resembles a geometric “comb” pattern and with the gold accents I felt it was appropriate to add “honey” to the name.

Each piece has been meticulously saw pierced to create the “comb” design.  Inside each of the cells is an area of 24k yellow gold plating over a finely scratched surface.  This finish helps to reflect the light and creates a dramatic contrast between the highly polished surfaces and the finished areas.  This series is lightweight and durable. 

The center of the ring has a round, 4mm, faceted, green tourmaline gypsy set into the metal.  

This ring is an adjustable piece.  It can go from a size 5 to a size 8.  Please let me know upon purchasing what size you would like it to be.  I will not guarantee the ring if you I do not adjust it for you.  If you would prefer to have it permanently sized to fit a specific finger please contact Genevieve upon ordering to determine your finger size.  

Pentagon Shape Ring adjustable   ⅞” in length x 1” width

Copyright Genevieve Flynn 2015

Images by Image Quest Photography/Terry Weckbaugh

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