Beginning Chasing & Repoussé/March 2018

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Beginning Chasing & Repoussé/March 2018


Dates:  March 14 - March 17, 2018

Hours:  10 am - 5 pm

Genevieve Flynn Studio

Instructor:  Genevieve Flynn

This 4 day class will introduce you to the art of chasing and repoussé.   You will learn to transfer your pattern to the metal, how to use the chasing tools and hammer, work with Italian pitch.  

Come with images and designs of what you want to create, Please have duplicates of the images printed so you have a copy of it.  Make sure that you have a 3-dimensional image to work from as reference during chasing and repoussé.  By this I mean that you should have a color copy of the image you will be referring to during the repoussé process.  The more depth and dimension that the reference image has will help you to determine the different heights in your work.  If you have questions about your designs please don't hesitate to contact Genevieve at  

Each day will start promptly at 10am-5pm.  There will be a lunch break of 1 hour each day.  


22 gauge copper sheet 6"x12" sheet

22 gauge Argentium or sterling silver sheet if you want work in silver  Your design and project will determine how much silver or copper you will want to purchase.  

12 gauge square wire Argentium or sterling silver wire if you are working in silver OR 8 gauge round copper wire that will be rolled through the rolling mill to make it the gauge and shape wanted, which will be square.

Saw frame, 2-3 dozen 2/0 or 4/0 Swiss saw blades (it is always a good idea to come with more blades than anticipated in using)

0 cut hand file with handle

Scotchbrite pad

Binding wire (this can be purchased at a hardware store)

Assorted solders hard medium and easy

Magnification such as readers or Optivisor

Chasing tools and hammer and pitch block or bowl if you have them  Otherwise let Genevieve know and she will provide the tools and pitch block for a rental fee of $50.00.  The tools and pitch will be available for sale at the end of class.



Genevieve Flynn Studio is kept safe for all occupants. Compliance with all safety requirements are stressed and enforced.  However, while working in and around the building personal injury is possible.  Students of Genevieve Flynn Studio agree to comply with all safety regulations set forth in this class description and agree to exercise appropriate personal safety precautions around studio equipment at all times for the safety of all persons.  Students of Genevieve Flynn Studio agree to participate in this class at their own risk and that neither Genevieve Flynn Studio or Kevin Flynn, property owner, will be liable for personal injury sustained by students during class or on the Flynn property.  By signing up for this workshop you, the student, agrees to abide by this disclaimer and cancellation policy.  


Safety Glasses must be worn while working in the studio.  If you wear prescription glasses, I recommend over the glasses style safety glasses.  They can be purchased through Conney Safety. or your local hardware store
Equipment and tools are to be used only as prescribed and under the instructors direction/supervision
Long pants and closed shoes must be worn at all times
Long hair must be tied safely back/up
Loose clothing or jewelry is not to be worn
If you are asked to put long sleeves gloves or an apron on, it is for your protection so please do so
I highly recommend ear plugs or other hearing protection when participating in a class that has a high level of noise during participation or if you are sensitive to noises

Please know that the studio does have cats so if you have severe allergies this may not work for you.  However, if you can take allergy medication and attend then please do so.


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 Participants should bring pitch bowls/blocks if they have them.  As well as the following tools:  chasing hammer, chasing tools if you have them, saw frame, saw blades 2/0 preferably, 0 cut flat file, magnification such as an Optivisor, leather gloves, safety glasses, notebook.

 Participants should bring the following materials:  22 gauge copper sheet 6"x12" OR Argentium sheet or sterling silver sheet,   If you are making a bracelet please bring the following wire:  12 gauge square wire in silver/Argentium  You can purchase 8 gauge round copper wire which can then be milled down at the studio to create the gauge needed as well as making it square if you will be making the bracelet or item in copper.