Beginning Silversmithing Class October 26-27 , 2018


Beginning Silversmithing Class October 26-27 , 2018


 Genevieve Flynn, Instructor

Genevieve Flynn Studio   Kansas City, MO

My beginning classes are offered throughout the year.  If you are interested in taking a silversmithing class then please follow the prompts to fill out the form and make payment to secure your spot.  Dates will be discussed and secured when Genevieve receives your payment and inquiry.  Please don't hesitate to contact Genevieve prior to signing up to discuss any concerns or questions that you may have.

As a beginning student you will learn to use the tools and jewelry techniques needed to move forward with your projects.  You will learn to saw, file, finish, polish and possibly bezel set cabochon stones.  The dates are set up from Thursday through Friday and/or Saturday, depending on the length of class you choose to take.   A basic material cost is $40.00 but material fees are determined after speaking the with instructor, Genevieve Flynn, about what materials will be used.   

No more than 4 students will be taken during any class scheduled.  You are insured of having one on one time with Genevieve during your class.  You will work at your own pace.  It is possible to complete projects designed but this class is driven by learning techniques that will enable a student to continue to hone their skills when working on their own.        

$40 material fee for the basics  Sterling silver will be an extra fee and determined at the time of the class

Class hours are listed below:

FRIDAY and SATURDAY 10am-5pm  

 A one hour lunch break will be taken each day.  Students are asked to leave the studio during this time. 

Class and material fees are non-refundable but will be applied to your class.  If you have to cancel rescheduling should be done within a 3 month time frame from the date of the original class.  Otherwise all monies will be forfeited.  Genevieve is more than willing to discuss rescheduling due to any major illness or death in the family.  



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As Genevieve Flynn Studio prepares in advance and expends money to do so, the class fee is non-refundable.  If an extraordinary situation arises that one cannot attend such as illness, injury, family emergency etc. Genevieve Flynn Studio will discuss appropriate measures in terms of refunds. 


Genevieve Flynn Studio is kept safe for all occupants.  Compliance with all safety requirements are stressed and enforced.  However, while working in and around the building, personal injury is possible.  Students of Genevieve Flynn Studio agree to comply with all safety regulations set forth in this class description and agree to exercise appropriate personal safety precautions around studio equipment at all times for the safety of all persons.  Students of Genevieve Flynn Studio agree to participate in this class at their own risk and that neither Genevieve Flynn Studio or Kevin Flynn, property owner, will be liable for personal injury sustained by students during class or on the Flynn property.  By signing up for this workshop you, the student, agrees to abide by this disclaimer and cancellation policy.  


Safety Glasses must be worn while working in the studio.  If you wear prescription glasses, I recommend over the glasses style safety glasses.  They can be purchased through Conney Safety.
Equipment and tools are to be used only as prescribed and under the instructors direction/supervision
Long pants and closed shoes must be worn at all times
Long hair must be tied safely back/up
Loose clothing or jewelry is not to be worn
If you are asked to put long sleeves gloves or an apron on, it is for your protection so please do so
I highly recommend ear plugs or other hearing protection when participating in a class that has a high level of noise during participation or if you are sensitive to noises

Please be advised that the studio has cats that reside in it after class is over.  If you have severe allergies to cats then this may not work for you.  If you can take allergy medications and not become drowsy this would be advisable.