Life After Artist Inc

It has taken me a couple of weeks to recoup from the stress that I self imposed on myself during my 8 week session of Artist Inc. I realized through the whole process how uncomfortable I feel when speaking about myself. I have no problem speaking about what I do for a living the hard part is telling the story about myself that doesn't fit the "mold" that I have set in my brain.    Being a self taught artist has always carried a burden for me. Again imposed by myself. I always felt that I was less than because I did not have a college education. As I grew as an artist and became more confident in my work I learned that a college degree really was not important.  I felt that I knew as much or more than someone that had graduated from college,at least  in my area of expertise.  I had not really thought about it for a long while until I had to write my presentation, or Pecha Kucha as it was called. This process of writing about myself was excruciating.  I became so stressed and anxious that it came out as anger and impatience to those closest to me.  It wasn't until a week or so after my presentation that I realized that it was having to speak about me, my so called journey and how I got here was the culprit. Hidden In the back of my mind was that old feeling that because I didn't have a "journey" that resembled others involved in the group, this made me feel less than. How ridiculous is that?!  It is absolutely ridiculous but it is exactly how I felt.  Now I can only hope that by recognizing it and saying it out loud that demon will go far far away. If I have learned anything from Artist Inc it is that I am an incredible artist, human being, friend, mother and wife. I want to tell that demon to f!!k off!  I will not let myself be ashamed of who I am and how I came to be the person that I am!  A new chapter has begun watch out world!!!!

Presentation night May 2, 2016

Tonight is the final evening with Artist Inc.  It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me.  I will be so happy when this evening has been completed.  For some reason this presentation has been a difficult task.  Many emotions have come and gone and reappeared.  Unfortunately, my family has had to suffer right along with me.  For this I am sorry.  Hopefully, life will settle some and I can continue my work and move forward with some goals that have been set.  A new world awaits every day!  


I recently began participating in a local non-profit organization that helps artists with their businesses.  One has to be selected in order to participate.  It is a very diverse group of artists however I am only one of two that work in metal.  We began our journey two weeks ago with introductions of one another and explanations of the organization as well a small group discussions.  

I have hopes of connecting with other artists to build a community for support and camaraderie.  Being one of the oldest participants I am finding it an interesting journey.  I feel that I am in a very different place than many of the participants.  My feeling is that I am starting over, again, but a little ahead of the game.  With that being said, I also feel that I am wayyyyy behind in areas such a marketing and budgeting.  It has always been a catch 22 with me and marketing.  You have to have money in your budget to have print ads, which are very costly, and I don't feel they are rewarding in any way.  Ads have been placed in specific magazines for several years with no return.  Then there is social media.  I am told to be successful with social media that one has to participate consistently.  I really don't find that Facebook has been any help, but one has to be consistent right?  That is the rub for me.  I do try, but seem to ride the roller coaster of trying to post.  Not a good thing.  Then there are all the other areas to post in Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, Twitter etc.  Agh!  Do they really really work?  For someone that is looking to market work in front of collectors and gallerists is that REALLY where I need to be?  Any thoughts?

I am LIVE!!!

As of October 5, 2015 my website officially went live!  Even though I am still tweaking and adding information you should be able to navigate through my Collections and through the workshops/classes presently being offered as well as Visiting Artists Jewelry Technique workshops/classes for 2016.  

It has been quite the learning experience having to design the site, but Squarespace has made it quite simple, even for me!   I had GoDaddy transfer my domain, and I can't tell enough how easy they made that!  I sound like a walking advertisement for these two sites, but I assure I am not. Last but not least, Chris Dahlquist has been a saviour as well!  Chris works with Artist INC participants, here in Kansas City, as well as being a fantastic photographer who sells her work through her website and craft shows.  Many thanks to Chris for working with me and explaining the ins and outs and wheres and hows etc. 

I would like to let you know that there is an opening Friday, October 9 being held at the Prairie Village City Hall building, 7700 Mission Road, Prairie Village, KS.  The exhibition opens at 6:30pm, with the award ceremony at 7:30pm and ending at 8:30pm.  Juror, Larry Thomas, is a professor and chair of the Fine Arts Department at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS.  I am fortunate to have had my Tree Frog Teapot accepted to this local fine arts show.  Please come out on Friday evening to enjoy locals artists work and to celebrate a great local event.  Who knows, I may even receive an award or not!

I am looking forward to my new chapter in my "art world" and sharing the joy with you all.  



A new website

It has been a journey taking on designing a new website.  After much discussion with myself, who else would I discuss this with, I made the jump into first using  I tried and tried to use their templates and I will admit, I could not do it.  Not easily anyway.  And I know me, if something is not understandable then I might as well forget it.  So I decided to cancel my subscription with the hosting company and start anew with Squarespace.  So far so good!  Times are changing and I need to play catch up!  I hope that you enjoy the new website.  If you have any comments, suggestions or comments please don't hesitate to let me know!