Jewelry/Metal Classes 

Visiting Artists 

Genevieve Flynn Studio is happy to host nationally and internationally known artists to teach jewelry techniques that each specializes in.   

These classes are taught in a small, intimate setting allowing each student one on one instruction at the time of the class.  No more than 8-10 students will be accepted for each class ensuring each student the instruction that you hope for when taking these specialized classes.  Each class description will inform you of all the tools and materials either required of the student or that will be supplied in the class.  date. 

Class fees are paid upon sign up.  If you would need to cancel for medical reasons, an emergency, or death in the family then you will be given a full refund less 20%.  

Any cancellation made less than 4 weeks out from the class date will not receive a refund. 

Cancellations made prior to 4 weeks out from the class date will receive a full refund less 20%.

Jewelry and Hollow Forms

Visiting Artist:  Kevin O'Dwyer - (artist's website)

April 06, 2015 ~ 9 am


Kevin O'Dwyer's class description will follow soon.  Just know that this will be a phoenominal workshop!  Kevin has 40 years of experience making hollowforms, teapots and serving items in sterling silver.  As well as his wonderful work in the jewelry world.  

Here is his website for viewing pleasure and to entice you to sign up!


Description, materials list and fees will be posted soon.

Fee: $0.00

Materials are included in class fee.

Materials information to follow 

Deposit of $0.00 required at sign up, balance due at class.

Maximum Students: 8

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Beginning Repousse with Liza Nechamkin

Visiting Artist:  Liza Nechamkin-Glasser - (artist's website)

May 07, 2015 ~ 9 am - 5:30 pm


3 Day Chasing and Repoussage Intensive        May 7-9, 2015

Liza Nechamkin, Instructor


Liza Nechamkin earned her BFA from the Rochester Institue of Technoloty, School for American Crafts and immediately thereafter went on to work for Tiffany and Company for 13 years as a Silversmith/chaser.  During this time she developed her silver restoration business and began to instruct chasing and jewelry workshops.  Liza resigned her position with Tiffany and manage Nechamkin Silver Studios full time and pursue the develpment and marketing of her chasing tools.  


Students will gain a working knowledge of chasing through detailed demonstrations, experimentation and different assignments.  This class will equip students to further explore chasing with confidence and to fulidly express their own aesthetics through chasing. 

Students will try out a variety of antique and new chasing tools.  We will discuss the functions and lmitations of each type of tool.

Fundamental tool making skills are crucial and will be examinted.  A demonstration on how to make properly formed chasing will be given.  Chasing tools and tool blanks will be available for purchase.

Several design layout/transfer techniques will be presented and important core chasing techniques will be covered.  We will do some test pieces and move on to a final design of your choice.  Liza will provide plenty of clip art tailored for your individual skills and tastes.  Your time will be better spent chasing than drawing during this class.

We will also discuss pitch bowls and hammers, pitch types and compositions, safely working with hot pitch, tips and tricks and how to correctly prepare and fill a pitch bowl.  Images of historic and contemporary chasing will be presented for inspiration.  I encourage you to bring some pictures of your work to share.

Safety Requirements While Working in the Studio:

Safety Glasses must be worn at all times while in the studio.  If you wear prescription glasses, I recommend over the glasses style safety glasses.  They can be purchased through Conney safety.

Equipment and toolsa re to be used only as prescribed and under the instructors direction/supervision

Long pants and closed shoes must be worn at all times

Long Hair must be tied safely back/up

Loose clothing or jewelry is not t be worn

If I ask you to put long sleeves, gloves or an apron on, it is for your protection so please do so.

Ihighly recommend ear plugs or other hearing protection.


Cancellation Policy:

As Genevieve Flynn Studio prepares in advance and expends money to do so, the class fee is non-refundable.  If an extraordinary situation arises that one cannot attend such as illness, injury, family emergency etc. Genevieve Flynn Studio will discuss appropriate measures in terms of refunds.   

Safety Disclaimer:

Genevieve Flynn Studio is kept safe for all occupants.  Compliance with all safety requirements are stressed and enforced.  However, while working in and around the building, personal injury is possible.  Students of Genevieve Flynn Studio agree to comply with all safety regulations set forth in this class description and agree to exercise appropriate persoanl safety precautions around studio equipment at all times for the safety of all persons.

Students of Genevieve Flynn Studio agree to participate in this class at their own risk and that neither Genevieve Flynn Studio or Kevin Flynn, property owner, will be liable for personal injury sustained by students during class or on the Flynn property. 


Fee: $650.00

Materials are included in class fee.

Students will need to bring the following to class:

Heat gun      Paper towels    Masking tape    Safety Glasses    Ear plugs    Notebook/sketch pad

Mechanical pencil, ( a cheap one is just fine) or a good pencil and sharpener will work

6" thin metal or plastic ruler (any medium sized ruler will do but this will be most useful)

Sharpie thin or fine tip marker

8" diameter deep pitch bowl filled with Red German Pitch or Hard Red American Pitch     This can be ordered from Otto Frei #125.473

Any and all medium/light weight chasing hammers

Any and all chasing tools if you have them (you may borrow or purchase tools from Liza Nechamkin during class)

Work apron

Gloves/ well fitting 

Hair ties/if needed

Optivisor or other wearable magnification apparatus if needed for sustained very close work

Please make sure you do not forget this detail!!! *****If you have back issues or are concerned about your comfort sitting ofr long periods, bring a lumbar cushion or some other way to make sure you are comfortabley seated as the shop chairs probably will not suit that need.



Deposit of $650.00 required at sign up, balance due at class.

Maximum Students: 8

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Making a tray and repoussť with Il Maestro

Visiting Artist:  Fabrizio Acquafresca

May 26, 2015 ~ 10 am - 5 pm


This is a 5 day workshop with Fabrizio Acquafresca     Intermediate repoussé students only

A detailed description is to follow soon


Il Maestro Acquafresca will again be in the studio for his fifth year in a row!  It is an honor and pleasure to host such a talented instructor from Florence, Italy. 

This workshop will cover making a tray from copper and then doing a repoussé design along the edge.  

Fee: $750.00

Materials Fee: $100.00

The material list will follow.  

Any new student will pay a $50 tool rental fee for use of chasing and repoussé tools.

A large copper sheet will be supplied for this class.  

The fee reflects the tool rental fee as well as the copper sheet to be used for the project.  

Deposit of $850.00 required at sign up, balance due at class.

Maximum Students: 8

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Small Scale Mokume Gane

Visiting Artist:  Eric Burris - (artist's website)

June 18, 2015 ~ 10 am


3 DAY WORKSHOP          Beginning to Intermediate level skills                                              required


The studio is excited to have Eric Burris back in to teach Small Scale Mokume Gane for you!  This will be making seamless sterling silver/copper hollow rings.

Through a series of demonstrations participants will learn a low tech, low cost, and efficient method to making traditional Diffusion Bonded Mokume Gane.  Each student will make a 15-17 layer billet using 18 gauge copper and sterling silver sheet cut into 1' x 1'[ squares.  The billet will be fired in refractory brick mini-furnaces with sodering torches as the heat source.  Participants will learn how to make paterned sheet metal and then fabricate a seamless hollow ring utilizing the washer method.  


*Liquid Phase Diffusion Bonding

*Mokume Gane Patterning

*Seamless hollow ring fabrication (washer method)

*Various metalsmithing techniques (including sawing, forging, and soldering)

Fee: $450.00

Materials Fee: $50.00


Each participant will receive the following pre-made kit

*  Refractory brick mini-furnace

*  Steel torque plates with hardware

*  Cleaning jig

*  2 scotchbrite cleaning blocks

*  220 grit wet/dry sand paper

*  Pumice powder

The following items NEED to be supplied by each student:

*  6"x6"  18 gauge copper sheet

*  6"x2"  18 gauge sterling silver sheet

*  1 dozen 1/0 saw blades

*  7" locking vise-grip pliers

*  20-24 oz ball peen hammer

*  safety glasses

*  ear protection

*  closed toed shoes (leather preferred)

*  leather work gloves

*  basic hand tools (jeweler's saw, files, sand paper, scribe ruler) 

Deposit of $450.00 required at sign up, balance due at class.

Maximum Students: 8

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Making Multiples - Blanking Dies and Pattern Development

Visiting Artist:  jayne Redman, (bio) - (artist's website)

September 16, 2015 ~ 9:30am-5pm


There are two workshops offered back to back in this series.  Each workshop will be listed separately and you will need to sign up for each workshop separately.


The first part of the workshop will focus on learning the blanking die process, a method of sawing dies from flat stock tool steel to quickly cut out duplicate shapes in sheet metal.

 The dates of the first workshop are September 16-17, 2015  This will be the first workshop listed in the website.  The description of materials and class are listed in this area with a short paragraph on what is offered in the second workshop.  Please sign up for the hydraulic press workshop in this site.  If you have questions please contact


The second part will focus on ways to create tools and jigs to form those shapes into 3 dimensional designs and then create unique findings for them including ear wires, linkage systems, and clasps. You will learn time saving ways of measuring, cutting and connecting sheet and wire.  You will be able to make exact duplicates of your forms and findings, enhancing your craftsmanship and appeal to your jewelry.

The dates for the second workshop are September 18-20, 2015  Please sign up for this workshop in the appropriate listing on the website.



One piece blanking dies allow you to easily cut out precise duplicate shapes from silver, gold and other non-ferrous sheet metals.  Jayne Redman has been using this method for her own production jewelry for 18 years and has develped ways of creating dies and blanking multiples that dramitcally speed up the production process.  In this workshop you will learn how to develop patterns for this process and the method of sawing dies from flat stock tool steel.  You will be amazed at how quickly you can go from original idea to duplicated shape as you make and use your own blanking dies during class. Jayne will be demonstrating her own inventive methods of forming, connecting, and engineering.  Basic metalsmithing skills such as sawing and filing are required.

This is a process oriented not project oriented workshop although if you have a specific design in mind Jayne would be happy to work with you to problem solve.  Please feel free to contact her at with questions.

*We will be using Susan Kinglsey's book, Hydraulic Die Forming for Jewelers and Silversmiths, as a reference.





Fee: $0.00

Materials are included in class fee.


Tool and material kit supplied by the instructor for an estimated fee:

Tool steel metal, 1/32"        $25.00  *Please note, this tool steel is meant for cutting out 23 gauge or thinner metal sheet

Rotational bench pin           $115.00

Magnetic Protractor               $10.00


Students should bring:

Rio Grande ordering information - Rio Grande  800-545-6566

At least 3 dozen Laser Gold saw blades, Rio Grande #110305

At least one pack of #64 drill bits, 91mm  Rio Grand #349423

Half round hand file, like Rio Grande #11315

Flat hand file, #0 cut

Assorted needle files, like Rio Grande #114556 or #114258

5" or 6" jeweler's saw frame, like Rio Grande #110133

Flush cutters, like Rio Grande #111287

Dividers, like Rio Grande #116005

Scribe, like Rio Grande #118459

Bur Life or similar product like Rio Grande #117003

Rubber cement or double stick tape

Metal:  24 gauge or thinner:  scrap copper and/or brass to test dies.  Some will be available at the class.  If students wish to work in silver, please bring 24 gauge or thinner

Any favorite hand tools or flex shaft accessories, especially cylinder burs

Drawing materials:  Plain white copy or inkjet paper, pencil and sharpener, eraser, rulere, fine Sharpie markers, scissors, Exacto knife, compasses and dividers

Optional:  Hydraulic Die-Forming for Jewelers and Metalsmiths by Susan Kingsley, Rio Grande #550-661.  Silver or gold sheet 24 gauge or thinner and silver or gold wire 20 gauge for finished pieces.


Deposit of $0.00 required at sign up, balance due at class.

Maximum Students: 8

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Inventive Forming: Making Tools for Multiples with Jayne Redman

Visiting Artist:  jayne Redman - (artist's website)

September 18, 2015 ~ 9:30am-5pm





Fee: $0.00

Materials are included in class fee.

Deposit of $0.00 required at sign up, balance due at class.

Maximum Students: 8

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