Jewelry/Metal Classes 

Visiting Artists 

Genevieve Flynn Studio is happy to host nationally and internationally known artists to teach jewelry techniques that each specializes in.   

These classes are taught in a small, intimate setting allowing each student one on one instruction at the time of the class.  No more than 8-10 students will be accepted for each class ensuring each student the instruction that you hope for when taking these specialized classes.  Each class description will inform you of all the tools and materials either required of the student or that will be supplied in the class.  date. 

Class fees are paid upon sign up.  If you would need to cancel for medical reasons, an emergency, or death in the family then you will be given a full refund less 20%.  

Any cancellation made less than 4 weeks out from the class date will not receive a refund. 

Cancellations made prior to 4 weeks out from the class date will receive a full refund less 20%.

Colorful, Exciting Surface Designs Using Opaque Enamels

Visiting Artist:  Barbara Minor - (artist's website)

September 22, 2014 ~ 9:30-5pm


THIS IS A FIVE DAY WORKSHOP Learn inspiring, decorative techniques that quickly yield colorful, exciting and complex enameled surface designs while gaining basic information and skills for successful enameling. Create complex, decorative enameled surfaces through use of a variety of innovative techniques. Patterned screens for dry silkscreen printing will be used to achieve repeat patterns and detailed designs. Found or purchased stencils and use of rubber stamps allow for creation of varied and unusual designs. Scrafitto, or drawing through layers of powdered enamel with a pointed tool, yields imaginative designs that are free and spontaneous. Inlaid of glass seed beads create additional detail. Use these techniques separately or together with opaque enamels to create diverse results based on your ideas. Enameling basics will include metals to enamel on, fast/easy methods for cleaning metal prior to enameling, particle size choice, reasons for counter enamel, and dry enamel application methods on flat or slightly formed metal. Edge finishing and examples of setting options will be discussed and demonstrated. Students will have time to work on and fire pieces using the various enameling techniques demonstrated. Pieces created in the workshop can serve as examples for future reference or can be suitable for setting with other jewelry techniques and materials. Instructor will have a variety of flat circles and squares, domed circles and pre-formed pendant or pin shapes for students to purchase for enameling on. Students may bring their own copper shapes. Suggested maximum size is 2” x 2”.



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Class fee less $250.00  for cancellation fee will be refunded IF cancellation takes place 4 weeks before class date.  

Genevieve Flynn Studio reserves the right to make changes in classes, workshops, schedules, instructors, and/or cancel a class or workshop due to insufficient enrollment. If a class is cancelled students will be notified ten days in advance and will receive a full refund.

If cancellation occurs 4 weeks or less prior to class then no monies will be refunded.

Fee: $750.00

Materials are included in class fee.

GENERAL TOOLS – each student needs to bring their own • dust mask • fine pointed SHARPIE MARKER • paper / pens or pencils for sketching and note taking • Small pointed tweezers • Small-ish to medium sized pointed paint brush • ¾” flat natural bristle watercolor brush • ½ round file or flat hand file • Scribe or needle tool – wooden or metal • Scotch Brite Pad – new • Rubber stamps – if you already have them – Staz-on black rubber stamp pad • “Color Shaper” – rubber brush – or a sharpened end of a paint brush (only if you already have one) – available at art supply stores/used for acrylic painting and ceramics • LOTS of old magazines - for disposable sifting surface – equivalent of 3-4 catalogs per person. Those with a stapled binding work better than those with a glued binding. • Apron • glass jar – peanut butter jar size for water to rinse brushes • nail brush or small brush for scrubbing metal • ruler • yogurt cup (8 oz. size max) with holes punched/drilled – or – coffee filter basket (must be plastic or stainless steel) shows and galleries across the U.S. and abroad.

Deposit of $750.00 required at sign up, balance due at class.

Maximum Students: 8  (5 spaces remaining.)

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Beginning Repousse with Liza Nechamkin

Visiting Artist:  Liza Nechamkin-Glasser - (artist's website)

May 07, 2015 ~ 9 am - 5 pm


This is a 3 day workshop with Liza Nechamkin.  

More information to come!

Fee: $0.00

Materials are included in class fee.

Deposit of $0.00 required at sign up, balance due at class.

Maximum Students: 0

Inventive Forming: Making Tools for Multiples with Jayne Redman

Visiting Artist:  jayne Redman, (bio) - (artist's website)

September 16, 2015 ~ 10am-5pm


There are two workshops offered back to back in this series.  Each workshop will be listed separately and you will need to sign up for each workshop separately.  

The first part of the workshop will focus on learning the blanking die process, a method of sawing dies from flat stock tool steel to quickly cut out duplicate shapes in sheet metal.

 The dates of the first workshop are September 16-17, 2015  This will be the first workshop listed in the website.  The description of materials and class are listed in this area with a short paragraph on what is offered in the second workshop.  Please sign up for the hydraulic press workshop in this site.  If you have questions please contact


The second part will focus on ways to create tools and jigs to form those shapes into 3 dimensional designs and then create unique findings for them including ear wires, linkage systems, and clasps. You will learn time saving ways of measuring, cutting and connecting sheet and wire.  You will be able to make exact duplicates of your forms and findings, enhancing your craftsmanship and appeal to your jewelry.

The dates for the second workshop are September 18-20, 2015  Please sign up for this workshop in the appropriate listing on the website.





Fee: $0.00

Materials are included in class fee.

Students should bring:

Rio Grande ordering information - Rio Grande  800-545-6566

At least 3 dozen Laser Gold saw blades, Rio Grande #110305

At least one pack of #64 drill bits, 91mm  Rio Grand #349423

Half round hand file, like Rio Grande #11315

Assorted needle files, like Rio Grande #114556 or #114258

5" or 6" jeweler's saw frame, like Rio Grande #110133

Flush cutters, like Rio Grande #111287

Dividers, like Rio Grande #116005

Scribe, like Rio Grande #118459

Bur Life or similar product like Rio Grande #117003

Any favorite hand tools or flex shaft accessories, especially cylinder burs

Drawing materials:  Plain white copy or inkjet paper, pencil and sharpener, eraser, rulere, fine Sharpie markers, scissors, Exacto knife

Optional:  Hydraulic Die-Forming for Jewelers and Metalsmiths by Susan Kingsley, Rio Grande #550-661.  Silver or gold sheet 24 gauge or thinner and silver or gold wire 20 gauge for finished pieces.


Deposit of $0.00 required at sign up, balance due at class.

Maximum Students: 8

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