Jewelry/Metal Classes 



Silversmithing class schedules are set up for each person interested in taking classes.  If you have several people interested in taking a class  please coordinate your times and dates before contacting Genevieve. 

It is the hope of Genevieve Flynn to create a unique learning experience within each intensive one,  two, or three  day session.  Please contact Genevieve personally  for complete details of times, dates, and fees.






Class Fees

 Class fees will vary from class to class.  Please refer to each class offered for complete fees involved.

A three day intensive class is $425.00 plus materials.  All three day classes are held on a Thursday through Saturday. Students interested in a three day class should email Genevieve at to schedule dates. 

One on one classes are scheduled personally to accommodate the dates for the student.  The fee for a day class is $175.00 plus materials of $40.00.  Materials used will determine how much more you will pay.  

Genevieve will also do hourly rates at $40.00 an hour. 

Again, it is important to schedule your dates and times with Genevieve to ensure the dates and times are available.

Lunch Hour

 A lunch break of one hour each day will be required of the students attending.


Tool Rental Fee

There will no longer be a tool rental fee.  Each student will be provided a basic set of hand tools to be used in the classroom.  If more tools are required the students will either be requested to bring them to the class or be expected to purchase them on their own OR purchase them through Genevieve Flynn Studio with a 10% discount given at the time of the purchase of the tools.  Only tools will receive a 10% discount. 


A $100.00 deposit required to hold your place in each class. This deposit is non-refundable, but can/will be applied toward the class fee or tools and materials.

If you have any questions please   email me.

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