Ecumenical Collections 



My line of diaconate crosses came from the idea of Christ being crucified on a cross made of wood.  In my mind that meant a texture on the surface of the wood, whether or not it was that way or not I do not pretend to know.  Hence, my "bark" type finish on the crosses.  These crosses have a high polish on the surface with a nice dark contrast in the crevices of the bark.  

My other crosses have a definite contemporary feel to them with a highly polished surface. 

All of the pieces are available in sterling silver or gold and I am happy to speak with you about custom made pieces.

The idea of developing a line of Judaica was a great challenge as I am not Jewish.  Immense amounts of time was spent researching and educating myself and I still find myself researching when creating a new piece.

Since I do not have a religious background in Judaism I had no preconceived concept of how things should look  You will see that many of the items are very organic with a nice soft flow to the metal.  I felt it was of great importance that my pieces be not only functional but have a sense of  beauty.  Through my research of the Jewish religion I realized how beautiful the ceremonies are and how important they are to the families involved.  I also hoped that my pieces would be brought into a household that would use them and cherish them for generations to come, which is a very important idea to me personally. 

Although you see a "line" of my designs I am available to discuss any personal ideas that one may have for an item to be custom made.

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