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Spring Flower Earrings/Lite Blue 

The Spring Flower Earrings are new to my line of jewelry. 

These Argentium Silver and enameled, fine silver earrings are light in weight but durable.  The back petals are made from a new silver prodcut Argentium, which is .930 fine silver, a bit higher than sterling silver which is .925 fine silver.  The advantage of using Argentium is that it is tarnish resistant and requires less labor when soldering to it.  A bonus to the consumer as well as the maker, ME! 

 A small, fresh water pearl is attached in the center of the transparent, light,  blue enameled petals with a 14k yellow gold rivet.  This enamel is a high fire enamel and is nestled into the textured,  Argentium polished outter petals.  Several enamel colors are available and as I produce them they will be featured on the page.    These earrings are approximately 1 1/4" in diameter and have posts.

$265.00 /Set
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