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Large Calla Lily Bracelet 

The Calla Lily cuff bracelet is an unusul and beautiful piece of jewelry.  It  has an unusual way of laying on your wrist.  As a cuff, it slides across your wrist and can either be worn with the calla lily blossom pointing towards your hand or change the direction and have the blossom pointing up your arm.  The leaf can be adjusted to your wrist.  The calla flower is made of sterling silver and has a frosty, white finish.  The leave and wire are high polished sterling silver.

Please keep in mind when adjusting your bracelet that you should only bend the leaf one time and leave it in place, as bending the wire repeatedly will cause the wire to eventually break.  I will not repair the breakage free of charge knowing that you have read this disclaimer.  

Each bracelet is made to order so please remember to order the correct size for your wrist. The standard size for a bangle is 8¼", please let me know upon ordering that you require a smaller or larger size as these bracelets are non-returnable.

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