Cynthia Eid -

Cynthia Eid’s hammered metalwork has won awards for creativity and design, featured in many publications, and exhibited extensively. Eid’s sculptural jewelry and hollowware is primarily done in Argentium Silver and formed through the creative use of hammers and/or a hydraulic press Currently an independent metalsmith and educator, she is a Jeweler and Silversmith based in Massachusetts USA, teaching weekly classes at Metalwerx and the De Cordova Museum School, and workshops and short courses all over the USA. Previously, she has worked as a designer/maker in goldsmith galleries, and as modelmaker/supervisor in a gold jewelry factory. Cynthia earned her Master of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewellery Design from Indiana University in 1980 and has a B.S. in Art Education.

David Huang -

I don’t think of my vessels as being an expression of my voice alone. Rather I see them as the product of a conversation among the tools, materials, and myself in search of beauty. As my real desire is to achieve a timeless beauty, one individuals from any point in history might connect to, it makes sense to be listening to the voices of simple but timeless tools. The humble hammer is my prime tool. I supply the power and it bends, stretches, compresses, and moves the metal according to the particular shape, weight, and hardness of it’s head. The forming stakes I work upon offer their strength to resist the hammer, and their curves to impart a controlled form. The voices of the hammer and stake are a harmony that work best together.

Eric Burris

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Ganoskin -

Ganoksin is dedicated to serve the information needs of the world’s jewelers. It is our mission to educate, improve working conditions and facilitate sharing between goldsmiths globally. Ganoksin continues improving access to information for productivity, safety, skills and education of all jewelers, professionals and hobbyists.

JF Ridgley -

The author of Vows of Revenge came to me excited not only about her book being published but that I would be willing to create jewelry that she describes in her book/books.  If you love historical fiction then you will love these books! 

I am happy to introduce the jewelry for the book Vows of Revenge.

Kansas City Artists Coalition -

The Artists Coalition is respected nationally as the most vital alternative exhibition space in the area. The Artists Coalition continues to be the primary support for beginning and emerging artists, for artists who do not create commercially viable artwork, and independent artists. Are we missing information about you? Click the link above and tell us about yourself.

The Artists Coalition was created to change the lives of artists living in Kansas City, Missouri. Its mission is to promote visual arts awareness in Kansas City and the surrounding region, and support the professional growth of artists. The Artists Coalition is an artist-run, artist-centered organization.

On March 5, 1975 a large group of artists gathered in the studio of local artists Philomene Bennett and Lou Marak to address "How the Artist Can Benefit from Centralization." Overwhelmingly the group felt a self-initiated organization was the only alternative to isolation, elitism, apathy, and ignorance. The ultimate result of that meeting was the incorporation of the Kansas City Artist Coalition in August 1976.

The initial goal was to create a strong voice for the concerns of artists. In the mid-seventies Kansas City offered few opportunities, local artists were not taken very seriously and the few local galleries showed the art of artists living elsewhere. The Artists Coalition lobbied for professional venues for local artists and mounted exhibitions in empty commercial spaces.

The Artists Coalition has since expanded goals to: foster a climate which encourages innovation and creativity amongst artists, utilize the collective initiative and creativity of artists for their own benefit, provide a forum for contemporary visual arts through Its galleries and publications, champion the work of local artists and increase the viability of Kansas City as a place for artists to live and work, spread the word about the vitality of the arts in Kansas City, Missouri and the region, encourage artists to go forward with their ambitious and innovative ideas, seek out peers and mentors in the artists communities across the United States and the world, support artists’ work financially, and promote the exchange of ideas.


Society of North American Goldsmiths -



The Society of North American Goldsmiths supports and advances the professional practice of artists, designers, jewelers and metalsmiths. Through education, innovation, and leadership, SNAG provides access to a vibrant and passionate community.

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